"One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things."

- Henry Miller

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Nancy received her degree from Antioch University’s Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Program with a specialization in Child & Adolescent Studies. Her clinical training has focused on the effects of traumatic stress and how to encourage adaptation and resilience after adversity. Nancy began her therapeutic career helping economically disadvantaged children and families develop the social and emotional skills needed for meeting life’s challenges.

As a staff therapist at Rosewood / A New Journey Eating Disorder Center she assisted clients in healing the underlying issues that led to the development of their disorder, and created their first program specifically for teens, focused on bringing about positive change through the development of self-acceptance, confidence and compassion. In addition to her Santa Monica, CA based private psychotherapy practice, Nancy is currently on the staff of Reconnect Integrative Trauma Center in Pacific Palisades, where she assists individuals on their journeys of Reconnecting with themselves and to healing from symptoms related to trauma.